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Here you will find a unique collection of prospecting and gold panning Materials, Starter Kits, Tools, Equipment and Fun and Interesting Items chosen by Pete

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A Little about Pete...
Whiskey Pete got his name from his favorite drink and it ain't sody-pop!

Pete has spent most of his adult life roaming the hills, valleys and historic trails in the Bradshaw Mountains of central Arizona. Known for their beauty and mystery, the Bradshaws are home to the Weaver, Black Rock, Big Bug, Walker and Hassayampa Districts, (among others), that Pete calls home.

Pete studies old maps and geology reports from the late 1800s to early 1900s, then tracks down old abandoned mines and works the down-slope areas below them to find the best placer gold deposits. Sometimes he has to hike in and out, over boulders, hills, cliffs and down in to old gulches and ravines to find his spots. Many of his favorite spots haven't seen a human footprint in 50 years or more.

With little more than picks and shovels, combined with a keen eye, Pete digs down to bedrock where gold loves to hide. It is this rich, gold-bearing material that makes up the paydirt and concentrates offered on this site.

When not half-lost up in the mountains, Pete enjoys several saloon games like:
 "Pin The Tail On The Dancin' Girl"
"Has Anyone Seen My Shot Glass"

Occasionally, Pete finds himself arguing with his old mule, Henry Ford. (His mule is actually a 1965 rust-bucket Ford pickup).

Most of the Sheriff Deputies in Yavapai County know Pete as "Your Honour" but no one really knows for sure what he did for a living before turning Prospector!

If you find yourself in one of the local taverns in Cleator, Wickenburg, Congress, Mayer or even Prescott, ask around for Pete. If he's there and you buy him a shot or two, he might even tell you where a good spot is!

(If you do find him tell him to get his butt back here... we need more paydirt)!

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